Why blog?

Hi – my name is Jacquie, I live in beautiful New Zealand, home for the second consecutive time, of the Rugby World Cup!

Be gentle on me reader/s (Hi Mum),  I’m a blog newbie.
Why blog? I am an avid reader of non fiction books about all kinds of interesting things and I often try and share these “good ideas” with my family but am often met with rolled or glazed eyes as they endure something else “I’ve read”. I thought blogging could be a great way to share the conversations I want to have about these books and hopefully also summarise them down to two or three takeaway points. My interests include Christianity – I became a Christian five years ago, and as a middle aged (ouch) woman – there is a journey and half to go (most likely a lifetime) to get where I would like to be. A lot of my reading is being inspired about living more authentically and inline with Jesus. Some days I do pretty great and other days – I’m pretty stuck in my human frailty. No excuses! The other things I am interested in are health and wellbeing and I have recently become interested in social media and its impact in business. I am a mum to a teenage son – so I read a few parenting books (just a few!) Plus I am really interested in personal finance and helping others manage their money. I hope that the ideas I share with you will be interesting and helpful.

6 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. Welcome to the blogging world Jacquie. I love your username (ConversationCat). I can see this as the name of a cheeky cat character in a children’s animated movie.
    When you said you were met with “rolled or glazed eyes” whenever you try to discuss it made me smile. I hope you find many blogging friends/readers/visitors who will engage with you to your heart’s delight. 🙂

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  2. Hi Jacqui, not only was it great to hang out the other night but I’m so glad we got into the conversation about blogging, you are an inspiration! I appreciated your recommendations & look forward to this blogging journey… X


      1. After nearly a month from our first conversation about blogging I managed to write my 5th blog, still so much to learn. I need to pick your brain.


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