Hide behind

Photo by Tamara Govedarov on Unsplash Last week I received a nasty email. To say I was upset would be an understatement. I clicked reply. My fingers banging furiously on the keyboard. First, though I deleted her email address - I was having an unedited rant that I knew couldn’t be sent.   I then sat on it … Continue reading Hide behind

Dangling carrots

  An insight has inspired me to view “upsets” as dangling carrots vying for my attention. “Look at ME”, they say. “Talk about ME.” “Think about ME.” “STAY AWAKE with me!” They distract! Sometimes for hours. Sometimes for days and for one or two “issues”; actual years! Disrupting, distorting, derailing: Progress, productivity, creativity. This dangling carrot: … Continue reading Dangling carrots