Oh beauty

Photo by Titouan COLOMB on Unsplash It’s as if someone has taken a huge pile and dropped them without care. Yet this ... looks like art. All fragility resting softly on a concrete pathway, the canvas today for this beauty. I thought to myself if this was actual rubbish - not tree debris - this … Continue reading Oh beauty

… a way to [L]earn a living

Here’s a helpful way to reframe working for someone else. Where else can you get hands-on experience in an industry?Where you are immersed in their operations, procedures, and policies?Where you are privy to their valuable and hard-worked-for IP?Where you gain insight and knowledge from people with years of relevant trade/industry experience? Without paying a cent.And … Continue reading … a way to [L]earn a living

Most Important Question – MIQ

  I learned about MIQ from a Tim Ferriss interview with Josh Waitzkin https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/375-josh-waitzkin-how-to-cram-2-months-of-learning-into-1-day/id863897795?i=1000442923234 MIQ stands for the Most Important Question and Josh poses it before he goes to sleep. The idea is that you give your subconscious mind a problem and time to solve it. The next morning, Josh pops open Evernote and brainstorms … Continue reading Most Important Question – MIQ