Most Important Question – MIQ

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I learned about MIQ from a Tim Ferriss interview with Josh Waitzkin

MIQ stands for the Most Important Question and Josh poses it before he goes to sleep. The idea is that you give your subconscious mind a problem and time to solve it. The next morning, Josh pops open Evernote and brainstorms the thoughts that have come to mind.

I decided to give this a try the other night. I was tense and uncertain about a parenting issue.

Because of my faith, I posed this MIQ to God.

“How can I handle this?”

Time and space are what’s needed to incubate a MIQ – which made sleep come easier – it gave me permission to stop “working-on-it”.

Sleep. Wonderful. Sleep.

And in the morning, I fired up Evernote, journaled and uncovered an actionable, relational answer.

What’s your MIQ?

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