It’s all invented

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We each have our own unique perspectives, formed as a result of our life’s experiences. Our brain processes those experiences and creates a framework or map that it then uses to view similar or new experiences.

As a result, often our interpretation or perspective of a situation has little to do with actual reality or truth. Our past experiences and the stories we tell ourselves, then confine and define what we perceive.

The term “it’s all invented” is a practice recommended by authors Rosamund & Benjamin Zander, in their wonderful book, The Art of Possibility.

Here are two questions they recommend asking?

  • What assumption am I making, that I am not aware I am making, that gives me what I see?
  • What might I now invent that would give me other choices?”

If something or someone has upset me, I am prone to making up elaborate stories – not out loud, but in my head.  Reminding myself that  “it’s all invented” stops those made-up thoughts, bringing me back to this actual moment and to the truth.

As they say in the book …

“It’s all invented anyway so we might as well invent a framework [or a story] that enhances our quality of life and the lives of the those around us”.


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