Feck Perfuction book

I have just finished Feck Perfuction by James Victore. An inspiring, punchy and to the point book about doing creative work. It’s written in short chapter format with catchy headings like “Brave and scared shitless”, You ain’t weird, you’re free” and “Warrior not worrier”.

He says this about perfectionism:

“On its surface, perfectionism seems like it would be a professional advantage, a creative accelerator. But really, as a driver, it hits the brakes more often than the gas. Perfectionism stops you from starting projects … because you are not ready. … ‘When it’s perfect!’ is our defense, but this habitual overthinking leaves us stymied, unable to get over ourselves and just move.”

He says we should pay attention to details but not to let perfect stop our progress.

“You know what’s better than perfect? Done. Done is better than perfect.”

Ahhh “done” – my most favourite word.

This resonated with me deeply:

“Creativity wants to let go of control and to present authenticity and vulnerability. That is what moves others. This is attractive.”

So the question I’m asking myself is….

If you pushed perfection out of the way today…

– what would you create?
– who would you connect with?
– what would you change?

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