Toilet, pleasssse…

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On the weekend I went to a café and the toilet door was padlocked.

We were dining there, so no problem getting the key. As we walked home though, I wondered what the response would have been, had I just walked in off the street.

Would I have been told that it was for customers only? Would access be conditional upon a purchase?

I get that they don’t want to be used as a “toilet stop” but it made me wonder what is the cost of saying “no” when it came to converting pop-in-toilet-users into paying customers?

If I walked into a café busting for the loo and was refused the key (denying me the dignity I needed at that moment), it’s unlikely I would ever go back.

So here’s a question, what do we do (you and I) in our line of work, that’s the equivalent of restricting access to the bathroom?

The things we justify holding back or constraints we put in place may be the very things that keep customers from coming back.

Dignity and generosity and kindness come to mind.


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