Growth in mind

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Decision paralysis is easy to achieve in a day filled with options and choices. So how do we filter the magnitude of decisions wisely without feeling FOMO?

It came to me the other day, that I need to think about my choices with growth in mind and the side note to this was, and always with care and consideration of others.

I’ve just finished dinner and I could choose to chill in front of Netflicks, or I could try and make sense of this idea and post it to my blog.

Seth Godin makes a wise comment that if you watch TV – then you can write…or do any of the other things, you say you “don’t have time for”.

When it comes to the side note – and always with care and consideration of others – this is about thinking past my own experience of a choice, to its potential impact on those around me. Stepping into the space of remembering that the decisions I make or don’t make can have the potential to become part of someone else’s story.


8 thoughts on “Growth in mind

  1. I love that quote from Seth Godin. It is absolutely 100% true. Hubby and I ‘pulled the plug’ on TV about a year or so ago. I had previously been without TV and discovered the joys of not having that noise and distraction in my home. When he agreed that it was time to disconnect from it, I was eternally grateful. It’s just my opinion but I believe when you lose TV, you gain so much. You spend time doing things that promote peace, growth (just as you beautifully stated) and realize how much you’re missing out on in life.

    Instead of being camped in front of the TV, we can garden, spend time eating a quiet dinner together, get to bed at a more decent hour, let our cat entertain us or whatever else we decide. It’s nice.

    I love your insight about keeping growth in mind. We have a chance in life to change so much and really make a difference. I’d say you are brilliantly living the purpose God intended for you and are sharing wisdom and God’s light in a dark world. God bless for you that! ♥


  2. Hi Jacqueline – enjoyed reading your post and Holly’s comment above. I do heartily agree with you about finding time to do the many things we often claim not to have time to do – yet my fleshly desire to just relax and catch up on the next episode or more of my favourite Netflix series can often win the battle.
    Well done to you in ignoring the temptation, paying heed to Godin’s counsel and choosing to share with us your words of wisdom.

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  3. It’s funny – since I have been blogging again, I began writing on other projects as well then I make sure I leave enough space for some inspirational videos – at least one – plus I keep up with my reading and then fit everything else in – I don’t have much time for television or my previous scrolling habit with social media – my life is full – thanks to blogging and my blogging again came from listening to a podcast with Seth Godin so…sorry for the long comment but Seth is a bit of an inspiration to me. I just think if I’m going to be looking at a screen I want to be active and using it – not just being unconscious. Great post 😊 sorry I haven’t introduced myself – I’m Kate – I found your blog through a search on Seth. I’m over at so if you need a cup of sugar neighbour come on over 😊


    1. Thank you Kate for reading my post. Seth Godin is a huge inspiration for me too – in fact he’s why I started blogging. I did pop over for a cup of sugar and found it in your wonderful poems. Will definitely pop by again.

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      1. Oh God that’s funny I used that same term when popping into a blog the other day – that’s what it feels like – lovely community and yes I will climb over the fence and see you again sometime – a pleasure to have you popping in – I post every morning (aust time early though) usually so feel free to drop by 😊👋


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