2 minutes being right Vs a day of shame

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I was walking behind a very slow person on my way to work. I couldn’t get past her because the footpath (which is quite wide) was being overtaken by oncoming pedestrians intent on holding their ground, moving for no one.

This happens on most days. When it upsets me, I tend to internally dialogue about “those people!” and carry on my way.

On Wednesday though I stepped out from behind the lady I was following and started to walk towards this throng with a “don’t mess with me” look on my face. Some moved, some didn’t. Some were bumped as I charged through. The words playing in my head, justifying my aggressive approach were, “YOU should keep to the left!  Do you DRIVE like this?”

Then I got to the office and started to feel bad.

And then the small still voice in my head asked: “How does it feel – this two minutes being right versus this day-long feeling of shame”?

I felt terrible. It wasn’t worth it.

I walked peacefully today.


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