72 hours

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Its probably been 25 years+ since I read the book, “The trick to money is having some” by Stuart Wilde but this quote thankfully surfaced in my mind this week…

“You don’t need a million dollars necessarily or a stockpile of Swiss francs [or a store cupboard of toilet paper] to feel ok. It helps, but it’s not vital. All you need right now is enough to get through the next 72 hours”.

If I try to think about what the future looks like – I can’t. It captures me in all its uncertainty and I’m like a deer in headlights. The fear and dread chipping away my ability to see out.

Yet here is a question I can answer. And with confidence.

“Do we have enough to get through the next 72 hours?”

“Yes, we do.”

And this realisation that we have enough for the next 3 days, means I can step into THIS day fully. Not encumbered by fear and uncertainty. Instead, with the knowledge and comfort that there is already in place, what we need.



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