Fear-based stress

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Today’s COVID-19 update will soon be known.

My partner, watching the evening news, will feel compelled to share it with me.

He knows I prefer life in a news-free bubble but still, he’ll come and say “I’ll just tell you this …”

These updates and others like it, feel like someone’s recount of a bad dream.

Except that we’re all in it. And we all need consoling.

News-free living is my way of bubble-wrapping peace.

Shielding myself from what I consider the emotional torture of media on repeat.

Drama, Chaos, and Negativity! Drama, Chaos, and Negativity!

The idea that it is better to be informed doesn’t match my experience. So I’m being extra careful about what I pay attention to. Looking for content that’s useful.

Like this podcast with Dr. Caroline Leaf, a communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist who says:

We need to bring balance to the fear because the fear can be more dangerous than the virus. In fact, fear-based stress and anxiety can and will weaken your immune system, the very thing that needs to be strong during a health crisis!

I hope wherever you are in this beautiful world, that you are safe and well.

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