Bubble living

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Here in New Zealand, we are on day 4 of the COVID19 lockdown.
It’s early days but so far these ideas are helping me keep our Bubble intact and joyful…  I would love to hear yours, so please share in the comments section below.

  1. Let the people you live with, do lockdown their way. Don’t tell them what they should be doing. Pay attention to your own should’s and could’s.
  2. Find joy in lockdown. “Imagine if I allowed myself to enjoy this time, what would it look like?” This question is inspired by this TED talk by Rita Wilson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZML0eAZ-RwI
  3. Exercise daily. Even when you don’t feel like. If your lockdown allows, go for a daily walk in your neighborhood and/or find a great workout on-line. By sheer fluke, the first exercise video I stumbled upon on YouTube was Kit Rich. I’ve done one of her workouts every day since. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJY6_Lyk4yI
  4. When it comes to changing habits Michael Bungay Stanier says in his book The Coaching Habit, that we need to identify the old behavior and define the new. To do that he suggests we think ahead –  “If this happens, instead of doing the thing I usually do, I’ll do this”. What habits do you have that could be improved and practiced in your bubble?
    Here’s a couple I’m working on. When I feel like I’m hungry, instead of going to the fridge, I’ll read 10 pages of my book. And this one is relationally so important (thank you, Mum, for this wise advice). “When I find myself getting upset that the kids aren’t using their time wisely (in my eyes), instead of barking instructions, I will take myself off and pray or do a mindfulness exercise.”
  5. Dance. Upbeat music fast tracks me to my happy place. It feels like it’s a bubble inside The Bubble that I can escape into, with my earbuds on. And best of all if I close my eyes and play pretend, I dance and sing like a star…
  6. Find something funny to watch. We are watching Seinfeld re-runs. I recommend binge-watching a few episodes once or twice a week! Doing this reminds me I need to laugh more, now of course more than ever.
  7. Above all, anchor and ground yourself in God. And love and care for those who you have been blessed to “bubble” with.

This prayer from A Daily Prayer with the Corrymeela Community by Pádraig Ó Tuama is simply beautiful.

Prayer of Shelter and Shadow

We know that sometimes we are alone,
and sometimes we are in community

Sometimes we are in shadow
and sometimes we are surrounded by shelter

Sometimes we feel like exiles –
in our land, in our languages, and in our bodies
And sometimes we feel surrounded by welcome

As we seek to be human together,
may we share the things that do not fade;
generosity, truth-telling, silence, respect and love

And may the power we share
be for the good of all

We honour God, the source of this rich life
And we honour each other, story-full and lovely

Whether in our shadow or in our shelter,
may we live well
and fully
with each other

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