Seeing you

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In our kiwi lockdown, the only outing you can have with your “bubble” is a local walk or bike ride.

With so many of us out and about, getting fresh air and exercise, keeping the two-metre distance from oncoming pedestrians or cyclists in the name of social distancing is a bit of a tactical game. One minute you’re popping on to the now mostly car-free roads and the next, crossing over to the other side, and then back again. It certainly spices up the walk (heck, the day).

In “normal times”, most people (the nice ones) say hello to each other as they pass on the same sidewalk but now something wonderful is happening that I hope will become our “new normal”. EVERYONE is saying hello. People on the same sidewalk AND people way on the opposite side of the street. A 30-minute jaunt around the neighbourhood is now sprinkled with lovely safe-distanced-connections.

We are “seeing” each other. And it is lovely.

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