Who to ask?

Yesterday I got to spend some time with my 82 year old aunt who I adore. She started her first blog at 80!  She is such an inspiration to me.

She was telling me about how she had spent a good part of her morning wrestling with her printer. She tried many things before it finally came back to life.

Her story reminded me of my own computer issues this past week and how I did the same, trying all the things I knew to do before it finally occurred to me to put the question to Google and with a bit of sifting, the solution was found.

I shared with her how my own experience had reminded me that I should Google questions instead of spending too much time working things out for myself. I was telling her how it amazed me how often I forget that I have access to that information resource, 24/7.

As I said those words out loud though I felt convicted. It reminded me of how I set out each day intentional about staying connected to God, for exactly the same reason, yet just like I forget Google, I also forget God. Or maybe it’s not that I forget, I just get into self-sufficient mode, thinking I can handle whatever is happening on my own.

It seems like a certain level of frustration needs to kick in or a relationship hits a wall before I admit that I don’t know the answer and that I need help.

I know this is a pride issue, and that it’s nuts and that it wastes a lot of time, yet I do it ALL THE TIME.

“Have you Googled it?”
“Try Googling it”
Two phrases we say and hear a lot.

The question I want to ask more,
the question I want to ask much sooner is,
“God, please can you guide me/teach me/change me/help me…..”.

Google is good. God is amazing!

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