“End-of-holiday” blues

Darn you potato chips. Why do you call me and tempt me with your salty deliciousness. I know you go well with a book and something cool to drink BUT look what YOU have done.

None of my trousers fit and now I have to wear my winter stretchy pants to work.

In this heat! Ahhh!

And as for you Ms Self Control, where were you at? It appears you were taking some time off work too (unapproved leave, I might add).

I am holding you personally responsible for this situation. If you had kept your eye on proceedings, you would have noticed that my comfy around-the-house shorts, were becoming less comfy and then you could have sent out an urgent alert to “abandon all snacks”.

Had you done that, I would still fit my clothes and I wouldn’t be starting out each day with a mood-challenging-clothing-crisis because “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”!

Hormones and tight clothing … I’ve got the “end-of-holiday” blues.

Apart from this slightly annoying side effect of too much rest and relaxation, I had a wonderful holiday. Hope you did too. Happy New Year everyone.

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