Marie Kondo that body!

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This week I was listening to the For the Love Podcast with Jen Hatmaker and she was interviewing Hillary McBride on the topic of body image.

Hillary talked about changing the language we use when we speak of our bodies from object to subject. “Instead of talking about my body like an “it,” what happens if I talk about my body like a “she/he”?

Like many, I have started to fold my clothes in the Marie Kondo way! I carefully fold and smooth them, before gently putting them away, all the while thinking appreciative thoughts.

And so this podcast got me thinking – if treating my clothes with gentleness and appreciation changes the way I see and value them (objects) – what would happen if I did that to my body (subject)?

Last night I did something I’ve never done and it felt amazing – from head to toe! I was lying in bed and I began talking to this “she”. I started with my whirring brain – thanking her for doing a great job as the hub and for all the thinking, processing and remembering she does. I thanked my legs for transporting, my arms and hands for lifting and shifting, my heart for beating, my stomach for digesting.

It felt so nice to give appreciation to my body with these words. It wasn’t what she’s used to hearing. For too long (since the age of 16) she has heard nothing but compare and despair, negate and berate. I’m not going to do that (to her) anymore.

Try it yourself and see. It felt so good, I’m going to do it again!


4 thoughts on “Marie Kondo that body!

  1. This is really beautiful! It’s truly sad how hostile we have become with our own bodies from living in a toxic culture that rewired our brains to see our God-given bodies as something other than it was intended.

    I love how you have turned the appreciation spigot on and are helping your body to know its value as the temple of the Holy Spirit. I can’t even begin to imagine how much we would change if we all loved ourselves in the way our Lord created us to with a healthy respect.

    Thanks for sharing this. Many blessings to you & yours! 🙏🏼


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