You, wonderful YOU

Do you want to be like the person you most admire?
Maybe someone successful or famous or both?

Do you think you would be better if you were more like them?
That you would have more value if you had their skills/talents/success?

Here’s what author Peter Michaels says in Enough: unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are, which I think is super helpful…

… you have something nobody else has or ever had before. (Elon, Oprah, and Sir Rick certainly don’t have it. They can’t even buy it).

You have YOU.

I love that he put YOU in capitals! He goes on to say ….

… Right now, you have amassed a completely unique combination of skills, personality, and experience. That unique combination has untold value. It will help you attract clients, customers, and collaborators. It will give you strength on those occasions when you doubt yourself or what you have to offer…

When we bemoan whether we are enough, if our skills are sufficient, or whether our talent or gifting should even see the light of day, please consider Pete’s words.

YOU, the you that is you right now, is innately valuable.  You don’t need to be anyone else or even like, anyone else.

Remember what Seth Godin says – there will be people who don’t get you or your work, but that’s ok because it’s not for them.

But the you that is YOU, is exactly what your fans are looking for.

We already have an Elon, an Oprah, and a Richard.

What we do need, is YOU!

To read more from Pete Michaels, please check out Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are. This is a collaborative book project I have had the privilege to be a part of.

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