Last weekend I went to a women’s event.

During the afternoon I managed to introduce myself to several different women who were standing on their own. I could see they had come by themselves, and I wanted to make sure they felt included.

I am confident when it comes to speaking to ‘standing-by-themselves’ people but when it comes to introducing myself to a group of people who are already in conversation, I slip straight into wallflower mode.

The contrast between these two ways of being got me thinking. I’m brave enough to talk to “a” stranger yet not brave enough to talk to two or more strangers.

I also had to admit that I use the “standing-by-themselves” people to help me avoid the “standing-in-groups” people.

Oh dear, I think I need to challenge myself with some actual bravery.

Maybe I could combine the two. Meet a “standing-by-themselves” person and together we could introduce ourselves to a group…

The power of two… maybe not as scary.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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