I read a great blog yesterday titled, Be Thankful (revisited) and there were some lovely descriptions in this that really resonated with me and reminded me how wonderful gratitude is. Please click on the link to see this post.

Carol, the author, asks how often do we express our gratitude to God?

“I’m talking about genuine, deep-hearted gratitude. The type that stems from a sense of wonder and questions what you have done to deserve such blessings and favour. The type that makes you marvel at God’s goodness towards you and feel doubly grateful that he is – despite your failings and unfaithfulness (Psalm 8:3-4). The type that brings tears to your eyes, as you remember God’s goodness at a time you least deserved it. The type of thanks that causes your voice to break as you recall what he has done for you, particularly those miraculous answers to prayers, which you had no idea how they could possibly be answered when you sent them winging towards his heavenly throne. I’m referring to the heartfelt expression that forms a lump in your throat, as you attempt to voice your appreciation to Father God for His mercies and unconditional love.”

As part of the Sacred Seven Pauses I wrote about in another post, one of my favourite “pauses” is the Twilight Hour. This is the evening pause, at the end of the working day. It encourages us to ask what was the greatest blessing today, and to also consider, regardless of the chaos of the day, to search out reasons to be grateful. When I sit and do this at around 5.30pm each night, normally while I am making dinner and putting on a load of washing, I am always amazed at how many things there are to be grateful for.

Carol refers to “heartfelt expression that forms a lump in your throat, as you attempt to voice your appreciation to Father God…” I often experience this and it always amazes me when it happens because I can’t quite understand why it feels like I have lost my voice when I am trying to talk to God, but the emotion I feel in those moments is totally that lump in your throat feeling. His hand in my life is breathtaking.

For me right now, God is doing some incredible work in me that is literally changing me in ways the no self help book ever managed to do, or at least I should say, in a way that I could never do. The gratitude and the wonder I feel around this is so “lump in the throat” that I can’t string it together in a sentence without tears.

5 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Dear fellow-blogger,
    Thank you for referencing my post. I was both surprised and delighted when I received the notification.
    I’ve never heard of the Seven Sacred Pauses. I like the idea of this but not sure I could keep this going indefinitely. However, I’m considering trying this out during the period of Lent next year. I like the idea of departing from my usual devotional routine for special occasions and perhaps experience God speaking to me in a new way. Thank you for sharing these posts. I particularly liked the following:
    “Do we need to awaken joy? Forgiveness? Should we pray for the resurrection of love in our hearts for our spouse or children? Ask for a dawning in our own soul”.
    I liked the connection with Christ’s resurrection life and the opportunity/reminder to avail ourselves of this each new day when you awake. That is one pause that I will aim to incorporate each day.
    Bless you and thanks once again 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words and for the inspiration your post gave me. You are definitely blessed with a wonderful writing talent that ties in your knowledge of The Word with the everydayness of life, making your posts not only relatable but thought provoking. I am looking forward to reading more of your work. 

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      1. Oh my word! Thank you so much for this encouraging comment, which comes at a time of discouragement, so very much appreciated. It’s always wonderful to hear how your writing impacts others and to have your gift/ability affirmed. To hear that you find my posts “relatable but thought provoking” is a beautiful endorsement. Thank you for your generous-hearted compliment.
        May God continue to bless you, your loved ones and your writing endeavours. (Cyber hugs being sent your way) 😃


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