Swimsuit sorted

We are spending Christmas at the beach and it occurred to me at 4:30pm today that maybe I need new togs. Umm I know – not organised AT ALL. I drawled through swimsuit websites searching for something that didn’t come under the category of “itsy bitsy” but didn’t have any success.

I love the swimsuit I have but the manufacturer doesn’t make it anymore. This is a note to myself and to others, if you buy a swimsuit that you love and actually like wearing, then go straight back to the store and buy two more.

Anyway, then I had this mad idea that maybe tomorrow morning I could whip out and go swimsuit shopping. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I am premenstrual. Thankfully I have come to my senses. Me, premenstrual, shopping on Christmas Eve for a swimsuit under fluorescent lights (aaaaahhhh) – NEVER, EVER going to work. Shooting myself in the foot would be less painful and possibly, less stupid.

Instead I have decided that my 10-year-old swimsuit is going to get another years’ use. It has definitely seen better days. The fabric is starting to gather and it’s looking pretty faded, but if it saves me the anguish of the swimsuit shop, then I will wear it (happily).

Merry Christmas everyone.

Love & blessings, Jacquie

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