A story shared…


I’ve just started watching a series by North Point Church called “Helping the next gen win”.

By the title you would assume that the focus is just on helping Millennials or Gen Z. In fact what they say is, that the “next gen” can mean anyone who is coming up behind you, doing something for the first time that you have experience in.

That person could be the same age as you but about to start their own business, starting a family, buying a home, marrying. They might be someone experiencing heartache and worry, going through a season that you can relate to.

Helping each other win is about realizing the value of our experiences, good and bad and how they provide us with wisdom. It’s about being brave enough and vulnerable and generous. And we should, if we are to give value to what we have learnt beyond our own lives.

I love to give advice but this idea is not a license to advise, but instead an encouragement to share. To hope that my sometimes good bad example of how not to do something, might help someone move through similar life events, better or differently.

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