Hidden value

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I spoke to a person this week who belonged to a networking group and was discounting the value of it. He said it hadn’t brought him any new business and was a waste of time and money!

Based on his expectations, that was true for him.

If we measure something as being successful or unsuccessful depending on whether it met our expectations, we have to ask what constraints those expectations play in the value we perceive.

Does the act of expecting narrow our view? Folding our arms to possibility? Blinding us to a yet-to-be-seen discovery? Closing the door behind us, moving us along to try something else?

Expectation can to be self-focused. It’s looking for “value for me”. But what if the value isn’t new business – what if it’s connection, community and new friends?

If I stay a while longer, will I find the value? Will I be of value?

It might be a bit Pollyanna – but if you expect value (in all its wonderful and unexpected forms, for you and for others), it’s surprising how often you will find it.

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