International Women’s Day

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An interesting thing happened today.

I was at the gym and a trainer commented to me on how people really need two mirrors. She said it was “amazing how many women were walking around in clothes they shouldn’t be wearing. Didn’t they realize how they looked?”

I said to her that maybe they did [realize how they look] and what they were actually showing us was a healthy body image.

Today is International Women’s Day!

This is my prayer…

Despite the photoshopped images that try to tell us otherwise, may we believe deep in our hearts that we are in fact, beautifully and wonderfully made! (see Psalms 139:14 NLT)

May we focus less on how we look and more on how we are.

May we live fully and authentically from the gifts that God has blessed us with – gifts for good, gifts to bless. And may we find, deep and meaningful joy there, instead of in our jean size.

May be put down our mirrors and our need to be the fairest of them all.

May we unite with genuine care to encourage and lift each other up, knowing that together we are more, not less.

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