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I was listening to a podcast on Seth Godin’s Akimbo show, titled Supple. It’s about being resilient and supple in the face of change.

Seth says, “nobody says they wish they were more brittle”.  Yet as hard as I try to be open-minded, I often find myself army-foldy.

Seth says that when it comes to embracing change, “Talking about the pressures and shifts is the only way that we can evolve our thinking and discover the new places we ought to be going.”

He said that when we negate ideas that we don’t understand, we are “being arrogant by refusing to talk about it”.

Another interesting take on resistance was in this post from Amos Doornbos  – The villain inside us. The idea that we can be quick to point the finger at the resistance we see in others yet we don’t necessarily acknowledge it in ourselves.  That “resistance is rarely about facts and logic; it’s usually about fear and the stories we tell ourselves.”

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