Showing up

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Showing up is the shortcut – is my new mantra, courtesy of this wonderful post by Bernadette Jiwa.

When we think of shortcuts we generally think of something that takes less time and effort. There’s a sense that the shortcut will save us something or fast-track us along.  In contrast, when I think of showing up – I think work – it requires more, not less.

Interestingly though, showing-up – although requiring more, returns more. 

Relationships are improved, work is more fulfilling and inspired, there’s community and connection, insights and learning. All these things – adding energy, joy, and meaning to our lives – which in turn help us to show up some more…

“…the only way to find fulfillment and joy in work and life is by showing up. Showing up is the shortcut.”    Bernadette Jiwa

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