The wrinkles of time

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Last week the wonderful Dawn Kotzer, said this

“The reality is, I do my art inside the wrinkles of time between other priorities of the day.”

This wonderful statement – “wrinkles of time” has kicked ole “not enough time” and her mate “there’s no point starting”, off their perch.

Moments between tasks have value.

Are usable.

Are viable.

Are fillable.

If I ignore “there’s not enough time” and instead find delight and possibility in those in-between moments, those often disregarded or whiled-away wrinkles of time, what could I start? What could I create?

At TEDX in Auckland last weekend Getrude Matshe-Kanicki said:

“Do something – it accumulates.”

Let’s do something in the wrinkles of time, because actions of all sizes accumulate.

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