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Things are not as they should be.
Others need to change.
Life would be better “if”…

A storyline I’m spiraling down on.
Anger, frustration, and disappointment – my pen’s fuel.

Oh! Now I see her.
The frowning one.
Directing this narrative.

Hello, Discontent.

The first of January.
And …
the beginning of a whole new decade.
Of course!
The perfect day to make your pitch.

Your guise – so easily mistaken.
A guide – NOT!
There is no inspiration, encouragement.
Nor hint of gratitude.
For anyone. Or anything.

Disconnect Discontent. 

You are not welcome here.


4 thoughts on “[Dis]content

  1. Happy New Year Jacqueline.
    I just love this. Have never read anything poetic from you before.
    So much said in a short space, underneath the economy of words lies a monument of emotions. Particularly loved the ending.


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