Balance smellance!

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“We fear excess, so we embrace mediocrity and call it balance… When it comes to our faith and our testimony, we mustn’t downplay, soft-pedal or sidestep the very things God has given us that make us distinctive. If we do, people will be disappointed and go elsewhere. The disciples didn’t blend in with the crowd; their message and the demonstration of its power made them stand out”. (The Word for Today)

Although this article was titled “Challenges for the church …”, I found the words “we embrace mediocrity and call it balance”, pointing at me.

The text goes on to say that “our need to be liked and to be popular can lead to a religious spirit that cripples risk-taking and faith-walking.”

In the name of “balance,” my faith is centered around doing my best not to say or do anything that might put others off. Blending my faith journey into the every-day, for every-one.

What if I say the wrong thing or it sounds airy-fairy?
What if my words lead them away from God?
And … what if they reject me?

The words “…people will be disappointed and go elsewhere” hang heavy.

How many times have I listened to a friend, and then later at home privately prayed for her? Would our conversation have had more depth and meaning, if instead, I had asked her if I could pray for her, there and then? Would it be as awkward and unwelcome as I fear?

“Balance” aside – this is a risk I need to start taking.

What’s yours?


3 thoughts on “Balance smellance!

  1. Dear Jacqueline,

    Thanks for sharing this. I note we use the same devotional resource. I was a bit thrown at first until I realised that you are one day ahead of me and that is why my reading today differed from yours.

    I have to say that I took the decision at work years ago not to join in with others who was mocking a colleague and because I took that stand, I became a target and the unpleasantness I endured went on for decades because the powers that be made sure that when I left, whatever place I went on to did the same. I have tussled with and murmured against God for this but at the end of the day he used the situation to hone my character and toughen me up. Now I mostly don’t care what people think about me. Yes, there are still times when I feel hurt, or outraged, or resentful but at the end of the day my relationship with God is too important to me to put what others think and say about me above what He has said.

    I have also offered to pray for a colleague when impressed to by the Lord, even though I knew she participated in what I feel was gang bullying. After praying for her, she was moved to tears.

    I’d say if it comes into your heart to pray for someone just ask them if they would mind you praying for them, hold their hand or whatever you feel is appropriate and go ahead with praying for them. And until that time comes, just ask God to give you the courage to step out in obedience and not worry about what others may be thinking.

    BTW I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Awards.


    1. Hi Carol – thank you for sharing your experience. As I was writing this piece, you came into my mind. I wondered what advice you would give me on this and I was actually wanting to email you to ask. Thank you so much for sharing your story and experiences with me. That was really helpful. And thank you also for nominating me for a blogger award. Wow – that is so kind of you. Jacquie xo

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      1. Wow Jackie, I am honoured you were thinking of me. Please feel free to contact me at any time via my contact page if you wish.
        You are welcome re the nomination. I normally feel I don’t have the time to participate but I must say I enjoy taking part when I do and it brings a different flavour to my blogs.
        Please don’t feel obliged to rush and do this if not convenient at this time. As you will note, it took me 4 months to respond (partly because I kept forgetting about it).
        Best wishes,
        Carol 😃


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