Photo by Bing Han on Unsplash

Be careful and aware of assumptions and their navigation on your life,
on your thinking, on your way of seeing and being.

Because tension and conflict are often the results of our assumptions, not facts.

What narrative are you believing and defending, that if you’re honest isn’t based on actual truth?

If you can’t answer the question “Do I know this to be true?”, with an absolute “yes”, then it’s probably a sign to be curious.

I love what Mary Karr says in her book “Now go out there”

…if you can get curious about what scares or infuriates you – especially if it’s part of yourself – you can grow less scared…  You can open your eyes to a completely different world because you can see it from a less terrified consciousness.  See it clearer, truer.”

Assumption stands in the way of curiosity – tricking us into believing we know all there is to know.

Curiosity requires an open heart and a mind that wonders, lighting the path to understanding, connection, and peace.

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