Loud Thoughts

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I was laying in bed, brooding about my day when it came to me that I was having “Loud thoughts”.

Loud because the increased volume and repetition of this thinking were demanding my attention and upsetting my peace.

There would be no sleep with all this noise.

Loud is insistent. She thinks we should let people know what we’re thinking. She feels constrained by the walls of my mind. “Let’s speak this out loud!”

The still small voice says, “No!  Don’t do that!

Be quiet.
Be still.
Say nothing.

Turn down Loud
and listen to me.”

When loud thoughts have just me as their audience – their just my thoughts. If I vocalize them, the words expelled will never again be, just-for-me thoughts. There’s no bringing them back, once their out.

If the still small voice is right, which it so often is, then things will probably need to be put right. An apology for sure.

When I take my loud thoughts in all their unfiltered rawness and plant them in prayer something happens. Loud loses its volume, its repetition.

And in that quiet, my eyes are widened with a new perspective, my heart with new understanding. My thinking shifts – clarity, wisdom and peace come.

Thank you Lord.


7 thoughts on “Loud Thoughts

  1. Beautiful Jacquie – thank you for putting loud thoughts in their place


    Sue Heatherington M: 0777 571 0240 Sent from my iPhone



  2. Love this Jacqueline!
    Favourite part is this: “When I take my loud thoughts in all their unfiltered rawness and plant them in prayer something happens. Loud loses its volume, its repetition.”
    Thanks for sharing your loud thoughts! 🙂


  3. Dear Jacqueline,
    You have been in my thoughts for a number of weeks now and I wanted to contact you privately but there is no facility on your blog site to do so.
    I am leaving this message not from my WordPress account but through my email address, so you can contact me. Please get in touch and let me know whether there is anything I can pray about, or stand with you on. I feel God wants me to serve you in this regard.
    Carol xx


  4. Hi Jacqueline,
    I hope you and loved ones are well.
    The Lord has laid you upon my heart for the past few weeks and I tried to get in touch with you privately via your contact page but you do not seem to have one on your blog. I am therefore leaving you this message via my email address rather than through my WP account, so you can contact me direct. Please let me know how I may pray for, or support you with anything you may be standing in faith for.
    Best wishes,
    Carol 🙂


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