Same again, please

At my local café, they did a risotto Verde with caramelized walnuts and ricotta cheese that I adored. I would order it every time.

I’m sure there were other dishes on their menu worthy of my attention, but I only had eyes for the risotto. My partner would encourage me to try something else and I would shake my head.  What if I had another dish and it wasn’t as good? Then I would be disappointed for not choosing what I love and know. The risotto Verde – after all, was the reason I went there.

Then one day, before our most recent lockdown, the risotto was not on the board. When I enquired, the waiter was excited to tell me that they had a new menu. I was like a petulant 5-year-old. What do you mean? I want the risotto! I couldn’t understand why they would take something so perfect, away.

I picked something else (I can’t even tell you what it was). It didn’t have the magic of the risotto and now I don’t have the desire to go back … it’s just not the same…

In the collaborative book Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are, author Kim LeClair talks about the importance of consistency as one of three touchstones to success.

She says: “Look at your favorite brand. When you see that brand show up using the same colours and general visual look over different marketing channels, that is consistency at work. Using the same words…. creates awareness and trust. And it creates a story, both in our minds and in the minds of our customers”.

When I read that I connected back to my experience at the café. The every-time-deliciousness of the Verde risotto was a consistency I enjoyed. I knew when I went to the café, I would have this dish and I could trust that I would enjoy it. And there was a story – the story I would tell myself heading there salivating all the way. And there was also the story I would tell when I recommended the café to others – “You just have to try the risotto Verde!”.

Consistency can sometimes be labeled as boring or same-same but there is a reason the big guys – McDonald’s and KFC are still going strong all these years on.

It’s tempting to think when we are bored that we should change up what we serve to others in terms of our offering, but what if the very reason they are here, is because your risotto is the best they’ve ever had.

Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are is a collaborative book project I have had the privilege to be a part of.

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