What the world Deedes now…

Searching for meaning and purpose can feel like chasing a rabbit’s tail, something ahead of us, just out of reach. We might think it will come from a bigger house, a prestigious job title, or some other measure-able view-able.

In the book, Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are, author Jeremy Deedes talks honestly and openly about his early career. He said “I felt I never had enough … and that I wasn’t enough”.

He shares how he “lived on a diet of fear, egotism, greed and alcohol” where his self-worth was tied to his success. And how he came full circle via life’s lessons and serendipitous connections that changed his path.

He tells the story of how he found meaning, purpose, and self-worth when he shifted his focus from consumption to contribution.

YES! Yes!

But here’s the thing, as good as that sounds, contributing is harder to do than consumption. This may be why consumerism is so popular.

By its very nature, contribution will require more of you. But like Jeremy shares “I now understand that a world based on compassion and service is infinitely more rewarding than one based on greed”.

As we are about to close in 2021 and we start to think about plans and goals for the year ahead, I want to leave you with Jeremy’s wisdom…

“contribution is more important than consumption”.

I want to sit with these words and consider how I can add more contribution to 2022. Just imagine if we all did… it could be just what the world needs…

To read more about Jeremy’s inspiring story check out Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are. This is a collaborative book project I have had the privilege to be a part of. You can purchase yours at

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