In her beautiful poem about weeds titled, Enough of me, author Jacqueline Davis has not only changed how I see weeds but has inspired me through them. She writes:

“Cars ride over me.
Feet trample me.
And you can’t imagine what dogs do to me.”

As I read that I thought of trolls and discouragers, especially the loudest ones – the ones in my head. How might we learn from the weeds and be more resilient?

Next time you step on a weed, look back and see how it stands back up. How it remains.

“No one looks after me.
I look after myself. I’m a survivor”

Other plants need human attention with special, specific care but not a weed. A weed takes the basics – sunlight, water, and soil (oftentimes with not enough water and sometimes with the minimum of soil), and yet, still finds a way to be.

“I can grow in the harshest of conditions.
All kinds of environments.
You may see me peeking out from between the cracks in the sidewalk.”

A weed does not wait for the conditions to be right – and nor should we. How many of us use “when I have more…”  to start the sentence/s of excuse?

I will write when I have more time.
I will upskill when I have more money.
I will do exercise when I have more energy.  

If a weed can grow in a crack in the concrete – what could you choose to do?

“They pull me out ….
But I grow back…stronger.
My roots are deep.

I love this one the best.
Who else feels expendable in a world full of show-reel superstars?
Let’s be people with deep roots like a determined weed, which can’t be pulled, displaced, or diminished.

To read more from Jacqueline Davis, please check out Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are. This is a collaborative book project I have had the privilege to be a part of.

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