This is what I do on Wednesdays … starting today

Every time I hit “Publish”, I say to myself, I will write more. I will write weekly. Fortnightly. Ok – DEFINITELY monthly…

The last time I published was in July. It is now September!

What if I elevated writing to be as important as the other commitments, that I DO keep each week… Like the ones I show up for that don’t require a second thought because I’ve made the decision already…

Turning up for work – Monday to Friday.

Toastmasters – Thursday fortnightly.

Women’s Group – Thursday fortnightly.

Church – Sunday.

If I said, on Wednesdays (starting today), I write and I publish, could it become a firm (non-negotiable) commitment in my weekly calendar that I can then tick as “Done”?

Let’s see…

I’m counting this as a “post” by the way…   xx

Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash

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