Reflection first

Today I got to be part of a zoom call with the wonderful, Shannon McCaffery, where we reflected on the past year.

Some of the prompts included: 

What was remarkable about 2022?
Who came into your life?
What were your best achievements/accomplishments?
What were your favorite times/moments?
What was your best surprise?
How do you want next year to be different?

The questions helped us reconnect with our stories from 2022. The ones we may have appreciated at the time but most likely would overlook when it comes to the year-end goal checklist review.

Helping us too, to see the threads of connectivity in the small and big moments.  Like the time you put yourself forward and did something outside of your comfort zone and made a wonderful new friend. Or that amazing book you read that inspired an idea that gave you the courage to take that first step.

Discovering the gold starts with reflection.

It turns out, there is so much to signpost and guide the year that is coming, by reviewing the year that is ending.

Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash

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