Financially fitter

Getting financially fitter is like getting physically in shape.

Both require a level of commitment, but the good news is it just takes small actions done regularly to make a difference.

And although someone might demonstrate to you how an exercise should be done or how to budget, the key is to do the version of those instructions that work for you.

In exercise classes, they call them “modified versions”. This means you do what feels good and comfortable to you. This approach helps us all to keep going even when we can’t keep up with the instructor.

When it comes to planning on being financially fitter, the mistake many people make is they think they need to be “all in” for it to work or there’s no point. This is a bit like saying “I’m going to get fit” and then running a marathon on the same day. It’s too much too soon and it’s no wonder people put off budgeting for another day.

Just like you start slowly exercising, it’s also good to begin slowly with financial fitness. So, what does a modified version of budgeting look like?

It starts with picking one thing that you can do differently today, without getting up too much of a sweat. The idea is not to change everything – just one thing.  


  • Making your own lunch instead of buying it.
  • Getting Uber delivery once a week instead of 3 X.
  • Taking the bus instead of your car.
  • Grocery shopping with a list.
  • Having a set amount of “spending money”

Any one of these tiny shifts will have a positive impact on your finances. Do one thing for one month and see how much money you save.

And just like our clothes feel more comfortable when we exercise, your budget will feel less tight too.

The other thing to remember, just like with our exercise routines, is there are going to be some days that are more successful than others. The days when we go for a run or go to the gym and those other days when we stay under the covers.

Maybe today you spent more than you intended on Christmas shopping. Tis the season. I get it. But don’t beat yourself up. Instead, focus on how you made your lunch this week and saved $15 a day. That was awesome! You’re awesome. Don’t let one splurge (or one sleep in) take you off track. Tomorrow you’ve got a sandwich to make and another $15 to save…

For free courses on how to budget check out CAP Money Courses

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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