This is what I do…

I’m at work from Monday to Friday.

Every second Thursday, I’m at Toastmasters.

Every Sunday, at church.

These are things I do on those days. Commitments I’ve made, that I keep.

In September 2022, I started testing the idea of saying “This is what I do on Wednesdays” concerning blogging.

Up to that point, my good intentions to publish regularly had been patchy. I wanted to shift blogging from something I might do if I had time, if I felt like it, to something I do.

This is what I do”, has proved to be a more productive place to operate from than “if I feel like it”. Since deciding This is what I do on Wednesday”, I have published every week.

I know if I was letting “if I feel like it” run the show then all manner of excuses and distractions would have got in the way.

 Photo by Surface on Unsplash

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