When it comes to exercise, my intention to move plays out daily and as a result, my muscles strengthen, and increasing my fitness becomes easier. The more I move, the more I can move.

But when it comes to nagging my intention to NOT nag, is not so successful.

When I have the intention to not nag yet continue to nag, then my nagging muscle gets stronger while my not-nagging muscle weakens. It’s easier to nag because I’m “strong” at it.

If I am to improve this character flaw of mine, then I need to resist the urge to nag by imagining I am in fact lifting a heavy weight (the mass of keeping my thoughts and opinions to myself). The work will be to hold that back for as long as it takes for that moment to pass and then keep doing that as each “opportunity” to practice arises.  Then over time, I will become the kind of person who doesn’t nag because my not-nagging muscle is stronger than my nagging muscle.

Imagine that boys …

I believe if I can make this intention play out, we’ll all be happier.

Photo by Yulissa Tagle on Unsplash

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