Wisdom from a three year old…

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When my son was 3, I was standing in front of the mirror trying on my shorts on a hot summer’s day.

“Ughhhhhh…. look at my legs!”

To which my son replied “What’s wrong mum? They work perfectly”.

This week, my 3 year old niece was told that she would be having her first haircut. After a few minutes of contemplation she said, “But everyone like’s me the way I am”.

Both of those comments stop me in my tracks. They make me question what happened to my own 3 year old wisdom?

When did the functionality of my body (legs that work) or my value as a person who makes others happy (with or without a haircut) get lost?

One thought on “Wisdom from a three year old…

  1. Our of the mouths of babes and sucklings!

    So true! In fact when you really think about who are the true adults? Who’s showing maturity of attitude and self-acceptance?

    Thank you for sharing. Truly – this post provides great food for thought.

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