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Last night I awoke to the word “imagine” in my head. It felt so soothing and comforting, an actual salve to the worry on my heart.

So I reached for my pen in the dark and wrote it down.

This beautiful word invited me in. “Try me”, it said.

I remember as a kid, the word “imagine” preceded every idea for play.

Imagine if we were
Imagine if we could…
Imagine if we did

And imagine we did. Always. Again and again.

And there was daydreaming too. Inner stories of rich imaginings, full of wonder and possibility.

Adult-me dropped imagination, ‘cause that’s we do when we live in the real world.  I can’t remember the last time I uttered: “imagine”.

This word-in-the-night reminded me I need to treasure it again. When it said “try me”- it was saying imagine instead of worry, imagine instead of fretting, imagine instead of fear.

Imagine if I did that. Imagine if you did too.

5 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Following on from the above commenter, it is beautiful Jacqueline.
    I love this new style of blog posts.
    Thank you for sharing your precious thoughts.


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