Here is what I am working on now…

Saying what I need to say with consideration of the person listening or reading.

Doing my best not to take up too much time and more importantly to give them something for their time.

To edit what I say so it is clear and succinct. A waffly, on-repeat conversation or a long-winded email expects too much. And loses attention.

Poems often use few words. Yet those spaces where more words could be, are frequently filled with insights and understanding.

I think there is a lesson there.

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Word-less

  1. Hello Jacqueline,
    I trust you and loved ones are well. I’ve always admired your concise blog posts. Hard to imagine you as “waffly” or “long-winded”. Certainly I love the way poems can say so much with few words. 😃


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