Worry Not

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Here’s some wisdom on worry that’s worth sharing. Thanks, Dad!

Whatever it is that you’re worried about, ask yourself this question…

“If I don’t do anything about this situation, what will change in the next 5 minutes?”

Extrapolate that question out…

“What about in two hours?”

“What about overnight?”

“If I don’t do anything about this situation this week, what will change?”

You might identify a point of time when taking action of some kind needs to happen.

Or, you might not.

So the next question might be…

“What actually is the point of worrying then?”

2 thoughts on “Worry Not

  1. I like it!
    It brings a biblical thought to mind where Jesus says it is pointless worrying, since we cannot make one black hair white (or something along those lines). Another alarming thought is that apparently approx 90% of what we worry about is never going to happen anyway, so all those sleepless nights, or fearful cogitations are a complete waste of energy and is perhaps undermining our health!

    Wishing you a worry-free season of joy and peace! 🙂


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