Reboot Yourself


This blog post inspired me this week Hitting Reset

I am sitting at my computer, typing away when the spinning wheel appears telling me the system is not responding. Computer First Aid 101 to the rescue – I shutdown and reboot.

Do I ever question the magic behind the restart?  No – I just love that it works!

So it got me thinking about the idea of looking around at everyday life stuff that doesn’t seem to be working optimally and applying the principles of a computer restart in those moments.

The idea of observing life with an expectation that it/I should be functioning and when it/I aren’t to apply a Shutdown on myself.

I tried that this week. I had a moment of feeling upset and worked up about a friend. So I likened this feeling to having a faulty computer experience – messing with my ability to work/function properly so I went ahead and hit Shutdown. But unlike my computer, I delayed the Restart.

Instead, I stayed in the off mode. To stop and listen and look at what I couldn’t see in operational mode. It gave me time to be still and prayerful and to reflect. And when I was ready I hit Restart and carried on anew.

This very-human system of mine will need other restarts for sure.

Try it yourself. If nothing else the act of a Shutdown – brings you to a stop. And stopping is good.

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